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Fatimah Omotayo Salami, Canadian Nigerian, Graduate in Islamic Banking and Finance, intern at Ethos & Company, Malaysia

"My first month as a WYN intern at Ethos & Company has edified me in the real world of consulting. I am glad that I have this opportunity to enrich my working experience and learn more from my colleagues at Ethos. This is an opportunity for the Muslim community to take part in!"

Ainur Hana binti Abu Bakar , Malaysian, 2009 scholar of Telekom Malaysia Foundation, pursuing undergraduate studies in law at the Multimedia University, Malacca, Malaysia

"Since the world today is borderless, I think the platform established by the WIEF through the WYN Scholarship program is an avenue and a window to develop intellectual capability among the younger generation and act as a solid foundation to the establishment of a strong Muslim community. Thus it is a perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between the Muslim nations that is in line with the objective of WIEF."

Muhammed Carim, South African, 2009 CIMB scholar, MBA Graduate at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

"The WYN Scholarship Programme afforded me the opportunity to obtain an MBA from one of the world's leading universities and to benefit from working with one of the pioneers in Islamic financial markets. I am now working for the CIMB Standard Islamic Infrastructure Fund that seeks to invest in the growth of developing nations in the Asian region. I am extremely grateful for the fantastic opportunities granted to me and I hope that many more Muslims are able to benefit from this uplifting programme in the future."

Mohamed Mahees Raheem, Sri Lankan, Graduate in Mechatronics Engineering, intern at Al Ghurair Group, UAE

"The WYN Internship Programme is the ideal vehicle for young promising graduates to kickstart their career in the corporate world. It provides the opportunity for young and fresh intellects to contribute new ideas into industries. This is an excellent outlet for Muslim graduates and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am very thankful for it."